A discourse on style, going beyond the tangible

What we truly value has no concrete form. Our focus lies in the intangible. Creating high-quality products is inherent to our process, where we diligently pursue the traditions and timelessness of tailoring, channeling our meticulous attention to detail in every garment. However, that is not our brand’s sole aspiration. What we truly strive for is the joy of cultivating your own distinct style, conveyed through fashion. Material possessions can be acquired in an instant, but the path to authentic style is a gradual journey. It transcends fleeting trends, illuminating your individuality for a lifetime. Our staff is a style concierge whose purpose is to create such value. Each client is assigned a dedicated staff member, offering assistance throughout every session, fostering an enriched understanding and relationship over time. This ongoing communication naturally nurtures the development and evolution of your style.


The true essence of Lecteur lies in its people—individuals with extensive careers in the fashion industry. Feel free to reach out to us for information about our products and services, or share the styles you have in mind. Whether it's your first suit or a required attire for an upcoming business meeting, we will draw on our knowledge and experience to recommend various style options specially for you. There is a diverse range of items that can be commissioned, spanning from the recently high in demand formalwear such as tuxedos and party suits, to essential business suits, and even casual items such as safari shirts and shorts to complete your wardrobe. Additionally we offer an array of accessories including ties and pocket squares to perfect the overall look. Our devoted staff is always ready to assist you in discovering your styling solutions, ensuring you the best experience here with us at Lecteur.

Work Philosophy

We believe that our greatest strength lies in the dedication and energy each staff invests in serving every individual client. As a private salon with a designated staff system, every client is a VIP, and we go to great lengths to ensure client satisfaction by making thoughtful preparation prior to each visit. To achieve this, we removed as many barriers as possible. For instance, Lecteur has no fixed operating hours. Clients have the freedom to directly communicate with any staff member and schedule visits at their own convenience. Another core value we hold dearly as a team is the significance of enjoyment. For our staff, it is always a joy to meet the expectations of our customers, and for our customers it is a delightful journey to create a one-of-a-kind style with our team members. Together with our clients we find pleasure in exchanging thoughts and ideas about style and beauty. These are among Lecteur’s most treasured and inspiring impetus.