House Style

Embracing individuality and character over trends

Lecteur adheres to several ideologies of style, placing significance on sophistication in appearance. Our emphasis lies in cultivating an aesthetic that is genuine and unpretentious. We strive to create garments not swayed by transient trends but rather inspired by the harmonious integration of our aesthetic sensibilities with the distinctive character of each customer, seamlessly complementing their lifestyle. Our signature house models, LC-10 and LC-20, serve as canvases upon which we construct the cornerstone of your style. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge, we have meticulously developed these models to serve as the optimal foundation for your personalized journey.


The LC-10 was developed in collaboration with talented craftsmen who built their careers at prestigious tailoring firms in Savile row. This masterpiece took more than one and a half years to accomplish. The focus lies in the creation of a dignified look that is wearable and comfortable, featuring soft yet sculptural shoulders and a naturally shaped waist. While harmoniously infusing classic Neapolitan designs such as the diagonally curved chest pocket and front darts that extend all the way to the hem, the overall look exudes an international and modern atmosphere.


The LC-20 was meticulously crafted as a universal model, presenting a broad spectrum of customization options. Its core design embraces an elegant silhouette, ensuring a natural and comfortably lightweight feel. Distinguished by an extensive array of customizable design details, this model provides a canvas for tailoring to your preferences. Moreover, it boasts comprehensive fitting adjustments, allowing for a truly personalized expression of your chosen style and fabric.